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The Question:
What are the stars next to the questions

Crow T. Robot  
Uh, see, when you vote on the threads, it provides negative or postive feedback to the...uh...quasi-matrix that googleplexes the humor-algorythms that generate the...*snicker*...finite state ram-space which parses and transforms your query to a response-level text-thread.

Crow T. Robot  
Hehe...Oh, er, when the positive vote feedback reaches a certain threshhold, er...uh, the server thread states that generated that response are given higher priorities in the Conversatron cyberspace manifold. Gold threads get the highest of all. Meanwhile, low ranked askee-threads are recycled in the intrest-state procedure. And thus, *snicker*, The Conversatron learns and grows.

Mike Nelson  

Crow T. Robot  
Uh...gotta go!

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