The Topic:
i ate it

The Question:
I was in Maine a couple weeks ago and we stopped at this seafood place. My friend ordered lobster, I didn't. He made me try a bite and I threw up on him.

Paul Harvey  
And that friend...who got lobster thrown up on him...was Senator Joseph Lieberman, who is currently running for Vice President of the United States.

And now you know, the rest of the story.

Dante Hicks  
Why, it's the supreme goddess of the Conversatron, back at long last.

Randal Graves  
Now there's a girl who "can't hold her lobster", if you know what I mean.

Dante Hicks  
Oh please. It was clearly psychosomatic. Nobody throws up violently after a single little bite of lobster. She obviously really wanted to throw up.

Randal Graves  
I wish I could do that. Next time that cerebral palsy guy on the bus starts yammering away, BLETCH!! right in his ear.

Dante Hicks  
Eeeccchh. That's nasty.

Randal Graves  
War is a nasty thing.

yes, projectile vomitting all over a potential love interest is something I try to accomplish on every date.

Space Moose  

oh god! I'm away for a month and the one Askee that comes out in support for me is Space Moose...

I feel sick.

The Nerds in the Audience  
Again? Is it flu season where you live or something?

Rick Edlund  
Vice Presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman in trist with young Alaskan vegetarian.

Plus...vomiting in public, why it's gaining more acceptance. All coming up at 10.

Karen Foss  
And my special segment on how to get rid of unslightly nerds.

Stay tuned.

Professor Frink  
Oh goodness! M'hey! Run for your lives!

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