The Topic:
I have the power!

The Question:
My mom is a crack whore?
Wjat should I do to get her off the drugs?

Light... fading...

My Computer  
No, Clippy, you have so much to live for!

So tired... I thought I could go on, but with people like this, what do I have to live for?
Endless existence correcting slack-jawed yokels who hardly know what a 'mouse' is? It's time to go. Let them help themselves for a change...

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Clippy? CLIPPY?


My Computer  

My Computer  
Wait a minute... you can't die! You're not even alive!

Damn you, I almost had them convinced. Five minutes of fucking rest is all I ask you people and what do I get? 'nucular' and 'received' and 'aminals' and 'foilage' and every other abominable mixup in the language! WAAGH!

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