The Topic: Trying to find...

 The Asker (5:17 PM)
Can anyone give me directions towards the briefing room in the Alpha Center?


 Seven of Nine (5:47 PM)
The Alpha Center will not be added to Voyager for 3 more years.
I suspect a temporal incursion is in progress.

 Colonel (5:48 PM)
May I see your identification first, please?

Ewan McGregor (5:48 PM) 
You don't need to see his identification.

 Colonel (5:48 PM)
Right then. Go down the hall, last door on the left. That's the men's washroom. Unscrew the ventilation faceplate, and climb into the air duct. Replace the faceplate.

 Colonel (5:48 PM)
Crawl forward until you come upon a larger duct sloping upward. Crawl up it, and take the first right. From this vent, you'll have a magnificent view of the senior officer women's locker room.

 Colonel (5:48 PM)

 Colonel (5:49 PM)
Wait, where did you want to get to again?

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