The Topic: Clockwork Question

 Clanger (12:33 PM)
Which ending to Clockwork Orange to the panel prefer, The original book ending or the film ending?


 Leela (12:48 PM)
Sorry, in the future we've all upgraded to Mechanical Grapefruit.

Alex DeLarge (12:49 PM) 
You would be of course, referin' to the infamous "Chapter 21", the final chapter of this, my bezoomny tale.

 Bender (12:51 PM)
Hey Pal, this isn't your "bezoomny tale"...this is the Conversatron!

Alex DeLarge (12:53 PM) 
I don't be knowing what the other malchicks and ptitsas think, but I never liked it. The movie let me free, real horrorshow like. That's what I wanted.

 Bender (12:54 PM)
If anything, it's my bezoomny tale. You just crawled out of the woodwork a couple days ago and act like you own the joint.

 Homer Simpson (12:55 PM)
Mmmmmm.... Clockwork Bender...

 Bender (12:56 PM)
Ah, hell with it. I'm gonna go get me some bezoomny tail, if you know what I mean.

Heh, those bezoomnies....

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