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The True Test

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The Asker  
First, the question a computer is almost always asked. I'll ask the conversatron anyway.
1) What is love?

A more difficult question involving creativity:
2) In the context of computers, what does BIOS stand for? How can it have a dirty meaning?

3) What does sex feel like?

HAL 9000  
I don't know what love is, they never told me.

Karen the Computer Engineer  
Wait, just what is the dirty meaning of BIOS?

Lester Knight Chaykin  
Uhh... Basic Input Output... Slut? No, that's no good. I don't know.

Karen the Computer Engineer  
Now it's going to bug me.

Lester Knight Chaykin  
God, we can't even come up with a plausible dirty meaning for BIOS. We suck.

Karen the Computer Engineer  
We fail the Turing Test. Apparently, we're the only real people not interesting enough to be real people.

Lester Knight Chaykin  
Well, I'm not a real person. So, uh, I have that excuse. Yeah.

Jenna Jameson  

Jenna Jameson  
To me, sex has always felt... pneumatic...

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