The Topic:
I need advice.

The Question:
Hello, My (ex)girlfriend invited me to a party she is having. The guy she dumped me for may be there. My question is, what should I do when I get there, kill him?

Willow Rosenberg  
If you're still feeling raw about it, I'd suggest not going to the party at all. Seeing either one of them at this point will probably be bad for all involved.

Willow Rosenberg  
If you feel like you have unifinished business, just wait on it. A public party isn't the time or place for it.

Milkman Dan  
I am so tired of you giving good advice, Willow.

Milkman Dan  
Go to the party, find Mr. Hotstuff, and splash acid in his fucking face!!

Willow Rosenberg  
Grow up, Milkman Dan.

Milkman Dan  
Can't make me.

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