The Topic: Pointless

 Scotfox (5:48 PM)
The scoring system is gone. Hallelujah!

I wanted to trade in my points for a date with Willow, but if their absence calms down Zex and makes AngryShrew less angry, then I'm all for it. A happier Shrew is a happier world.


 Bacon (5:54 PM)
Uh, Willow?
From the movie "Willow"?

Willow Ufgood (6:11 PM) 
You don't need "points" to "score" with me, baby! HEEEEYAAAAHHHHH!!!!

 The Conversatron (6:12 PM)
Hold on, Willow's carrier signal seems to be receiving interference from "Porn". There, corrected.

Willow Ufgood (6:12 PM) 
I've hidden the points in a place where Evil cannot touch them!

 The Conversatron (6:13 PM)
Much better.

Porn (6:13 PM) 
MUCH better.

Willow Rosenberg (6:13 PM) 
Um, maybe he was talking about me, maybe. Or maybe it's just a cruel joke, and nobody wants me. Nobody at all.

Willow Rosenberg (6:14 PM) 

 Buffy Summers (8:51 PM)
Excuse me, but I seem to remember you having a relationship...One with someone who's not undead.

Willow Rosenberg (9:56 PM) 
Go on, rub it in, Miss "I have a hunky guy courting me", I HAD a relationship, the perfect relationship, and he dumped me to "find himself". I didn't even lose him to another girl, I lost him to nobody... and now he's sent for his things... and oh god... I know he's never coming back. *sob* *sob* *sob*

 Xander Harris (9:59 PM)
That was pretty harsh, Buffster. You know that she's our only friend who's single and completely miserable right now. I mean, even Giles and I are getting some regularly these days.

 Rupert Giles (10:01 PM)
And thanks to The Gentlemen Demons, Olivia doesn't even think I'm crazy anymore. Life is good.

Willow Rosenberg (10:01 PM) 

 Heather Donahue (11:14 PM)
Yea, I feel real bad for you all. You think you know what teen angst is?

What the hell was that?!

 Buffy Summers (2:12 PM)
Really, don't feel bad, Willow. I'm certain that countless shy, sensitive tv-watching boys fantasize about you because while you're cute you're also the normal girl next-door type. While most think me unattainable, threateningly powerful, and frankly demigoddesslike.

 Rupert Giles (2:13 PM)

 Xander Harris (2:17 PM)

 Buffy Summers (2:17 PM)

 Rupert Giles (2:17 PM)
Oh, I, er, was thinking of something funny I heard once.

 Xander Harris (2:17 PM)
I was drinking a Coke and it "went down the wrong pipe."

 Rupert Giles (2:17 PM)
Ah, yes, me too. That's much better.

Very good, Xander.

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