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So how'd the 'Tron like their first Slashdot experience? Was it everything you had hoped for and more?

It may seem like we enjoyed it, but we were just faking.

We can only pray that tomorrow is a heavy news day, and pushes that accursed post off the bottom before noon.

And if it's a slow news day?

Lord Amazorn  
Then rest assured we'll whore that link for all it's worth.

Am I to assume that the "Not Featured On Slashdot" image has been deleted/updated?

Yes. Well, that or completely forgotten about.

It was this:

Well yeah, but now that you've been Slashdotted it's only a matter of time until those Memepool bastards lament the death of their dear Forum, and make snide remarks about the 'Tron and its ilk. They shall pay. They shall all pay dearly.

Lord Amazorn  
Oh they'll pay alright.
Now if we can just move 3000 units at $14.95 a piece, maybe we can scrape together enough to build the website we really want to do...

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