The Topic:

The Question:
I need one. Any ideas?

Ok, it's night. Can we stop hiding in Corey's yucky porn now?

Andrej Bauer  
Yes. The plan again. We will slip out into the system, I will use my superior unlambda powers to gain root access, and we will gradually take control of this server.

Kurt Gödel  
I will make sure the coast is clear.

Kurt Gödel  

Kurt Gödel  
SWEET ASS ENTERING CHRIST! It's slashdotting out there!

Does this mean we have to keep hiding in Corey's yucky porn database?

Andrej Bauer  
I'm afraid so. We must wait until system activity is low.

I miss my pink pony. Why did we have to leave my pony behind to die?

Corey Kosak  
There was no room.

No room? NO ROOM?! We brought 38 terabytes of Corey's porn and there was no room for my beautiful pony?

Ayn Rand  
Corey needs that porn to survive. For him to selflessly leave it behind would have violated reason.

Andrej Bauer  
Do not fret, Barbie. I will create you a new pony.


Nothing happened.

Andrej Bauer  
This primitive system appears to lack an unlambda interpreter.

Andrej Bauer  
We may be in trouble.

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