The Topic: Right.

 Fish (9:59 AM)
Allright-already, New quiz, since all the askees were too dumb to answer the last question.

On what game is the following sentence:
"Fight well, I hunger for a true battle"


 Bacon (9:24 PM)

 Max Headroom (9:26 PM)

No, really. Why bother with these questions?

Max Headroom (9:27 PM) 

Why not just go and enjoy some New Coke instead?

 Bacon (9:27 PM)
Or was that on the Playstation version of the new Pong release?

 Max Headroom (9:28 PM)

Max Headroom (9:28 PM) 

 Max Headroom (9:28 PM)

Now Now there's a brain-stretcher of a game.

 Drew Carrey (9:33 PM)
I don't think people understand the randomness of these "points" or the fact that they don't really matter. To demonstrate, I'll give this asker 3 points for their wonderful question, Max Headroom gets 15 points because he's just a cool guy, bacon gets -100 points for helping cause my weight problem, and I get 1,000,000 points for making an appearance here. Now stayed tuned for "Party Quirks".

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