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Fireside Chat

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Mackinaw Joe  
Hello, you beauties.

The Fake Forum is less funny than any random web-page. It takes them like a month to come up with a "witty" rejoinder (compared to you taking often only minutes), it is almost entirely populated by nobodies that we don't know or care about (while you use pop culture people mostly), and when they do get around to answering the question there is inevitably nothing funny in the answer. Please take away that poll so that I may never again be able to satisfy my morbid but hopeful curiosity that someday, somehow, something funny will happen there.

And Superyoda, you know it is nice that you stole the form of the Conversatron, but your site is just not very funny. You obviously try very hard and that is good. But the computer nerd angle is just not winning a mass audience around here, dig?

And Forum2000 makes my eyes bleed, it is SO idiotic and arrogant. If they could get their objectivist triangle theories out of their shaved asses once in awhile, they would realise that the magic has gone.

Thank you, and good night.

Franklin D. Roosevelt  
Internet Humor Sites have nothing to fear but Internet Humor itself.

Crow T. Robot  
But I wouldn't say anything bad about the other sites. After all, where would AMD and Intel be without the other?

Tom Servo  
And as for TMOL, where would AMD be without Cyrix?


Mike Nelson  
You guys need to get out more.

Mackinaw Joe  
Oh YEAH... MST3000 people! This is what I'm talking about, you beauties.

"Normal view! NORMAL VIEW! NORMAL VIEW!!!"

Mike Nelson  
Is it freaking anyone else out that he keeps calling us "You Beauties?"

Crow T. Robot  
Not really.

Tom Servo  
Yea, get over it, Mike.

Heh-heh. "Normal View."

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