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Credit extensions

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Have you seen !?

Is it for real? If so, what should we do about it? The Druuge never had these kinds of economic problems. What are we doing wrong?

Duulard of the Druuge  
The answer is simple. You must make your country a corporation, and make all citizens employees. Thus, all citizens get the benefits of employment, such as health care, paid vacations and 401k, making your so-called 'entitlement' programs obsolete.

Duulard of the Druuge  
Then the corporation must also take ownership, not only of the land, but the air and water. Thus, if any employees should have to be 'let go' for unfortunate reasons, they immediately become guilty of stealing company resources, namely oxygen, and can be given the appropriate punishments, preferably one that results in the ex-employee being exchanged for profit or converted into clean power.

Tom Servo  
Thus combining the worst elements of capitalism, socialism, and video game cliche.

Hey, aren't you at work right now posting this message? Isn't that wasting the resources of your company's internet connection?

Duulard of the Druuge  

Test Pattern  

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