The Topic: the Sister

 AngryShrew (3:26 PM)
What's up with Sister Miriam Godwinson? I mean, I'm ruler of the world, she's living on a little reservation I let her keep, right? Just north of Sunny Mesa. She's got three cities left, I've wiped all all the other civilizations, and she wants to speak to me. First she says it's a pleasure to speak to me and I'm always the most diligent of the leaders, then says I'm going to hell and I need to repent. Then she says I need to pay HER in order to keep HER from destroying ME. I mean, come on, she's still back in the stone age of rocket infantry while I've got paradrop amphibious assault hovertanks patrolling our border. Is she nuts??


 Sam (3:51 PM)
Paradropping Amphibious assault hovertanks? I don't think she's the one that's nuts, buddy.

 Max (3:52 PM)
Ooooooo, Sam, can I have one?

Sam (3:54 PM) 
I don't know little buddy. I gave you a simple file for your teeth, and I started getting complaints from the morgue on overcrowding.

 Sam (3:54 PM)

 Sam (3:56 PM)
On the other hand, property value plummeted and our rent went down. Sure, why not you little scamp.

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