The Topic: happy birthday son

 Clanger (8:21 AM)
are the meek destined to inherit the earth?


 Sister Miriam Godwinson (8:38 AM)

 Sister Miriam Godwinson (8:38 AM)
Provided they're well enough armed.

CEO Nwabudike Morgan (11:28 AM) 
I think you're wrong, Miriam. The meek could never inherit the Earth. ConHugeCo. MegaEnterprises Unlimited, which owns 99.87% of the world's businesses, has already decided that the Earth will disassembled and a proportional share given to each stockholder.

 Sister Miriam Godwinson (12:51 PM)
I think you're drunk again, Morgan.

CEO Nwabudike Morgan (4:04 PM) 
If only to escape your endless bitching about the toilet seat.

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