The Topic: Why...

 netweasel (5:38 PM) the sky blue?


 Special Agent Fox Mulder (6:59 PM)
I am experiencing Deja-Vu, perhaps this question had been asked before.

 Special Agent Dana Scully (7:02 PM)
Don't be silly, Mulder. What you are feeling is easily explained by the commonplace of the question. It has become almost cliche, and having heard it so often in your life, you assume that at one point it has been asked here. Your experience is not what you call Deja-Vu, rather your brain trying to turn the commonplace into the fantastic.

 Special Agent Fox Mulder (7:05 PM)
Then how do you explain this

 Special Agent Dana Scully (7:06 PM)
**sigh** You always have to be right, don't you, smartass?

Special Agent Fox Mulder (7:11 PM) 
Scully is so hot when she's angry.

 Special Agent Fox Mulder (7:11 PM)
Oh nuts, did I think that or say that?

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