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 Bacon (4:09 PM)
Oh wow, did you know that there was a novelization of Tron?


 The Tick (4:50 PM)
I always thought Tron was Novel. I don't know how they all fit in the computer, though.

 Johnny Carson (5:03 PM)
I did not know that.

That is weird, wild stuff. Thanks Tick, Bacon. Let's hear it for my next guest, all the way from...

 Conan O'Brien (5:03 PM)
Hey, isn't one late night host enough around here?

 Johnny Carson (5:04 PM)
Sit down and learn from a pro, poindexter.

The Tick (5:17 PM) 
The legendary Carson, KEEN! I don't know who the other guy is, but who cares.

 Ed McMahon (5:24 PM)
Yes! Ha-Ha! You are correct, sir!

 Conan O'Brien (5:24 PM)
Ok, let's just move on, please?

 Ed McMahon (5:25 PM)
Yes, sir! Ha-Ha!

 Conan O'Brien (5:25 PM)
Hey... I could get used to this!

 Tron (5:27 PM)
I find it odd that I wasn't in this thread. Weird.

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