The Topic: Cannibalism

 wolfcrazy (1:54 PM)
If you were in a plane crash and were stuck on a mountain with one person of your choice, which eventually you are forced to kill and eat, who would you choose?


 Milkman Dan (1:58 PM)
Some one very large and fleshy, but also as weak as a little girl so I could easily overpower them.

 Milkman Dan (1:58 PM)

 Milkman Dan (1:58 PM)
Like Mr. T!

Mr. T (1:59 PM) 
W H A T ? ! ? !

 Milkman Dan (2:00 PM)
Whoops, I'm late on my rounds, and I'm behind on my "squirrel quota". Gotta run!

Mr. T (2:01 PM) 
This ain't over, foo! My van is helluva fast, you can't get away!

 Nuts the Squirrel (2:02 PM)
Go get 'im, T!

 James Cameron (2:03 PM)

 James Cameron (2:04 PM)
You all sucked in that scene, but "Mr. T vs Milkman Dan" is already over budget by $130 million, so it'll have to do.

 James Cameron (2:05 PM)
Let's gear up for the van chase scene.

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