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 wolfcrazy (1:06 PM)
What is the name of the Viking that stands in the center of a rural town in Minnesota that represented the Midwest in the New York World's Fair? And what is the significance of Vikings to this town?


Tom Servo (1:53 PM) 
Oh please. Giving us a quiz? What are you going to do if we answer your question? Give us points? I'm sorry, we're not playing this game.

 Mike Nelson (1:53 PM)
But I know the answer!

Tom Servo (1:54 PM) 
Mike, we've talked about this before. Admitting that you know obscure trivia about the midwest is not a good thing.

 Hyper-kinetic Engineering Student Jordan Cochran (1:53 PM)
I think I know what you're talking about, it's a big fiberglass Viking that's sort of a roadside attraction in Alexandria, and I know this because my family drove by it once when we were on vacation and I had to stop there because I was trying to read in the car and I got sick. I mean, I can read in the car now no problem but I was like six and I think I ate something funny too right before but I'm not sure.

 Hyper-kinetic Engineering Student Jordan Cochran (1:55 PM)
And so like anyway it was built for the World's fair and its name is "Big Ole" or something like that and it's because of a runestone they found near the town that they think might be evidence there were Vikings there like 100 years before Columbus which would be really neat if it were true but I'm not sure.

 Hyper-kinetic Engineering Student Jordan Cochran (1:55 PM)
Oops! Was I not supposed to say anything? I'm sorry!

Mike Nelson (1:56 PM) 
Ah crackers, now she's going to get all the points. Thanks a lot Tom.

 Hyper-kinetic Engineering Student Jordan Cochran (1:58 PM)
So should we give him points or anything? I mean, I can't get points can I? That would be cool I guess but it's not really fair. Or does he only get points if we don't answer? If that's the way it works, geez, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to mess it up. If you knew the answer Mike I shouldn't have said anything. I'm not really sure if I'm right so if you think it's something else go ahead ok?

 Big Ole, the World's Largest Viking (2:07 PM)
My ruling is....

No points for you!

Tom Servo (2:08 PM) 
Hey, Come on! You wouldn't even be here if not for that question!

 Big Ole, the World's Largest Viking (2:08 PM)
Yes I would. I'm world famous!

Tom Servo (2:08 PM) 

 Big Ole, the World's Largest Viking (2:10 PM)
Oh, fine. 6 points.
Go Vikings!

Now consider carefully: Do you go for two or take the kick?

 wolfcrazy (2:25 PM)
With Moss and Carter? Are you kidding??? Go for two!

 WOPR (2:27 PM)

 WOPR (2:27 PM)

 WOPR (2:29 PM)
Two point Conversion failed...

Please stand by...

 WOPR (2:29 PM)
The officials have called for an instant replay.


 WOPR (2:30 PM)
The nose of the ball crossed the goal line before possession was lost.

2 points.

 Big Ole, the World's Largest Viking (2:30 PM)

 Mike Nelson (2:32 PM)
Whooo! Go Packers!

Tom Servo (2:33 PM) 
Mike, you're am embarrassment to us all.

 wolfcrazy (2:34 PM)
oh my god, Mike! You're not a cheese-head are you???? I'm shcoked!

 Mike Nelson (2:37 PM)
Um... no. Not really. Just kinda got caught up in the moment. You know how it is...

Tom Servo (2:37 PM) 

 Mike Nelson (4:09 PM)

 Mike Nelson (4:09 PM)
Packers won the Superbowl! Whooo!

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