The Topic: the quizzes

 AngryShrew (7:14 PM)
I've got to admit, the quizzes are fun as hell, but are you at all worried that it will detract from the "questions and answers" part of this site? I mean, if people get obsessive about answering quizzes instead of incessantly bugging you, you never know what might happen...


Douglas Adams (7:46 PM) 
Yes, we're as worried as hell. Ha ha.

Douglas Adams (7:47 PM) 
Perhaps we shall have one quiz a day. That sounds good to me.

 Douglas Adams (7:47 PM)
But have no fear, there are other things in store for you that will utilize the point scoring mechanism.

 Mike Nelson (7:49 PM)
So, let me get this straight, Asker.

 Mike Nelson (7:50 PM)
So, people start spending all their time asking quizzes.

 Mike Nelson (7:50 PM)
And we don't have to answer questions anymore, because nobody's asking.

 Mike Nelson (7:51 PM)
Thus, I can now spend all of my time in front of the TV eating kraft dinner.

 Mike Nelson (7:52 PM)
Nah, no problems with it here.

 Bare Naked Ladies (8:39 PM)
Mmmmm... Kraft Dinner.

 Homer Simpson (8:39 PM)
Mmmmm....Bare Naked Ladies.

Marge Simpson (8:39 PM) 

 The Evil Black Marble (11:34 AM)

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