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The Topic: March to Bronze

Baron Zemo
One thing I love doing is visiting the Conversatron every half hour or so and then taking screen shots of the list of topics. Over the course of two or three days, you can watch the "March to Bronze," during which time the stars of many promising entries fade from gold, to silver, to bronze and then, ultimately, to nothing.

My theory is that the quick witted people read the topics first, get the very clever jokes and rate them with a "5," while the dull witted people arrive days later, don't get the very clever jokes, and rate them with a "1." This ensures that the whole spectrum of wit gets to rate the topics.

My conclusion is that, for a topic to get a gold star, it must be smart enough for the quick witted folks, but stupid enough for slow witted folks. Sort of like South Park.


Roger Ebert
In other words, to earn a lasting gold star, a thread must work on multiple levels.

And use the word shit a lot. Shit shit shit!

Roger Ebert
Yes, multiple levels.

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