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The Topic: Fixing FOR LOOP syntax?!

I just ran across the following line of code, written by one of my coworkers:
for (int i=0; i<TOTALCOUNT, session[i]; i++)
It only generated a warning, but since his code has ~100 warnings in it, he just ignored it like all the others. I found similar mistakes in three other locations in the same file. This guy has been programming C for years and years longer than I have...why is he still working for my company?


Ian Malcolm
Ok, I give up.
That code looks perfectly cromulent to me.
You could at least tell us the warning.

It's the comma. It should be a &&, judging by the context. Warning was "expression not used!"

Hey, and thanks for activating my HTML!

Ian Malcolm
Now the real question is, are you going to tell him, or are you just going to bitch to us every time it happens?

No, I'm just going to override his ass and check it into CVS myself.

Elim Garak
A most unusual tactic.
On a Klingon engineering team you would be challenging him to a duel right now, as his code clearly has no honor.

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