The Topic:
confusion as of late

The Question:
Is it just me or are there a lot more topics around here lately that just make no sense whatsoever?

It's amazing how just one crazy person can dominate the whole webpage with just this one simple secret:

He posts topics!

Lester Knight Chaykin  
Let's face it, this page has really gone downhill since its heyday back in February.

Old, Tired Kirk  
Let's face it. We're tired and worn out. Used up.

Space Moose  
Let's face it, we've pretty much abused our genitals to the breaking point.

No, that's just you, Space Moose.

Space Moose  
Oh god.

Well, I could always post a lot of things about math, but somehow I don't think that would really help the popularity of your site.

Willow Rosenberg  
This is our website, not a popularity contest! We do this for you! Post whatever you like!

Milkman Dan  
It might help if you named your breasts "loga" and "rhythm".

The Evil Dilbert  
Hubba hubba, check the assymptote on that one!

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