The Topic:
Masturbation slang 2000

The Question:
"Takin' little Elian back to Cuba"
What else?

Taco Bell  
"Dropping a Chalupa"

Space Moose  
I thought that meant to take a dump.

Henry Rollins  
That doesn't even begin to make sense. What does taking little Elian back to Cuba have to do with "stroking your rod"? It doesn't even work as a female masturbation reference. You need to stick to the tried and true, like...

Hello Kitty  
Chokin' the Chicken?

Bill Clinton  
Smacking the "little" Willie?

Frank Zappa  
Floggin' the dolphin?

Slim Jim  
Snappin' the slim jim

Lester Burnham  
You know, I've always liked "chokin' the bishop"

The Conversatron  
I think we already covered it.

Right, but I'm talking about slang "for the year 2000". It's time to expand beyond the realm of the metaphorical and into the absurd; where relevance is not based upon the anthropomorphization of the masturbatory act into an act of violence upon an animal, but instead a more sublime image that captures the zeitgeist of the times. I'm talking about progress, Rollins. So, anybody here want to progress or are we just going to stay within the bounds of established comic images?

Professor Farnsworth  
We now call it "keeping your head alive inside a jar".

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