The Topic:
h4x0rs suck, d00d.

The Question:
El Mesa Loco  
They do. I hate them. They're stupid and they smell. And they're stupid. Yeah. This place sure has slacked off as of late. I mean, the questions have, or something. Is it because it's summertime and everyone is out there getting skin cancer? Cancer's not funny, so don't laugh about it, unless you're with friends. I have a question though. Anyone wanna send me 2 or 4 32MB 72-pin SIMMS? I could really use them on this piece of retarded monkey crap I call a computer. Preferably the working kind, since I'd actually be using it, ya know. Oh well. Hey I have your banner on my site. Not that it's popular in the least. My site, not yours. Yeah. I have lots of dumb shit there. And wrestling stuff, too! Yeah! No nude women though. Partially, yes. Ok I'm done rambling.

Uh oh, you've made hacker very angry. Now he and his friends are going to viciously ping your computer.

The Evil Dilbert  
Oooohhh!! Scary!!

H/\x0r d00d  
N080D-E mE553s w17h 7h3 1337 H/\x3r |<rew!

The Evil Dilbert  
Easy there kiddie, you'll sprain your script running finger.

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