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The Topic: The Tick

How does Fox honestly think that a Tick live action show will be successful with the following GAPING HOLES in the fleshy flesh of logic:

1) The Tick, played by Patrick "Stupid guy from Seinfeld" Warburton

2) Die Fleidermaus - 'Batmanuel' ?!?! Blasphemy! Sure, Nestor Carbonell is funny enough, but that's just stupid.

3) No Sewer Urchin!

4) American Maid - 'Captain Liberty' ?!?! More blasphemy! And the woman playing her is ugly. Well, she is.

5) No Sewer Urchin!!!

6) Man-Eating Cow - 'Apocolypse Cow, which shoots fire from her teets' .. again, WHY change a beautiful thing?

Why, Ben? Why did you change that which we nerds hold so dear?


Crow T. Robot
Patrick "Stupid guy from The Emperor's New Groove" Warburton?

Tom Servo
Patrick "Beefy bad guy in News Radio" Warburton?

Crow T. Robot
Patrick "I'm not Bruce Campbell" Warburton?

Tom Servo
Patrick "We couldn't get Tim Allen to do the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the animated Toy Story, even though Tim Allen is basically a hack character actor more suited for TV than movies" Warburton?

Crow T. Robot
Patrick "In the land of burgers, the Whopper is King" Warburton?

Tom Servo

Crow T. Robot
If there's a problem with the show, the casting of Patrick Warburton isn't it.

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