The Topic:
What's the possibility

The Question:
that Bloodyegg and I could actually agree on something? All middle-school aged boys should be castrated, followed by a nice casual gutting, where their intestines are spread out nicely for all the rats to chew on at their leisure.

Do I sound bitter?

Space Moose  
You certainly taste bitter.

Lester Knight Chaykin  
Sooo... you're proposing one of those "all female, clone driven societies" that we've been hearing so much about?

No, there would be one male. Of my choice, of course.

Kevin, you up for the role?

Kevin Bacon  
Oh yeah, I'd totally... harp... head... headbrush... ? What the hell, my cue cards are still all screwed up. It's like out of focus or something. I can't read the rest of it.

Lester Knight Chaykin  
On man in all the world, and you'd choose Kevin Bacon? God.

He may not be much to look at, but he's got a, wait, I'm thinking of someone else.

Oh yeah, I'm thick cut and smoked, honey.

Kevin Bacon  
Hey, I don't like what I think you're trying to say, polygon boy!

Lester Knight Chaykin  
Bring it on, you invisible pervert!










Lester Knight Chaykin  

Kevin Bacon  
Don't fuck with me!

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