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The Topic: I've got it!

Forum sucks because they try too hard to be funny. There's only so many times you can hear retarded anime cliches from Aristotle.

Wang sucks because it tries to help people and be funny at the same time. You can do one or the other, but if you try both, you'll fail at each one. Also, they can't simulate their Askess well enough. Hell, they even fail at doing Milkman Dan. He isn't cruel there, he's just mildly-mean.

So why does Tron rule? Because, quite frankly, it doesn't even try. Hell, Tron doesn't even care if we're satisifed. And they're honest about it, too: They hold nothing but contempt for us unless we're hot women in the Seattle area.


And Cleveland!

We're in need of some hot hot sexin out here as well.

"Hot hot sexin"? No wonder you have trouble with women.


so lonely

But other than that, you're spot on about us.

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