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The Topic: You are not a nerd!

The Asker
The number of problems with the new askee guide astounds me... How can you call yourself a nerd and a) hate anime b) hate Dune c) know so little about video games d) know so little about Monty Python e) actually DENY knowledge of Doctor Who??

More problems:
-The Atari Lynx was far less of a joke than the Atari Jaguar.
-Atreyu is indeed from the Neverending Story.
-The Avatar is from the Ultima series.
-The Bishop is from Monty Python
-::raises hand for giving a damn about the Powerpuff girls::
-The Colonel is also from Monty Python
-"lamentations", not "lamenting" for Conan
-Spock with a goatee is probably from the TOS episode "Mirror, Mirror".
-Superman did not fight General Zod in Superman I. That was just Luthor.
-Most of the "just go here" links are broken and/or do not exist.
-You forgot the other Leela, also from Marathon.
-Please do not give away the secret of Fight Club.
-Nemesis is not another star system, it is the theoretical other star in a binary pair with the sun. See Google for more.
-Newt is from Aliens.
-Johnny 5 is from Short Circuit.
-Casey Jones is famous for staying on a runaway train long enough to sound the horn and warn the town of its approach. I'm not sure if he actually got killed while doing this, however.
-Watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit anywy. It's great.
-Ryo-Ohki is from the Tenchi serieses.
-The Evil Terminator was named the T-1000.
-South Park sucks.
-Pro wresting sucks.
-Ted Johnson is from Red Meat.
-Terl is from Battlefield Earth.
-The WOPR is from the movie WarGames.

In conclusion, I am a far bigger nerd than you.


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