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The Topic: Askee sites

The abysmal ignorance of your askee compilers astounds me. How can people know every character from every video game ever made, and yet not have any idea who Bjork or Bubbles are?


Agent Cooper
I have nothing but contempt for the good citizens who read this site.

Agent Cooper
But it's a contempt tempered by a concern that they don't watch nearly enough television.

Agent Cooper
Kids, if you would just stay inside and watch television, you would be able to recognize characters such as Bjork and Bubbles.

You can see Bubbles on the Comedy Channel. You can see Bjork in music videos. But where on TV do you expect them to actually see music videos?

Agent Cooper
I believe there's a Canadian channel that still shows them.
And Bubbles is on the Cartoon Network, not Comedy Central.

Comedy Central has that other group of kids on it.

They're all a bunch of potty-mouths.

They don't have any super powers.

Are you kidding? Cartman is learning how to fart out the alphabet!
He's already up to G!

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