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The Topic: Novel idea

I vote that we build a giant wall around Alaska, then fill it with the stupid people of the world, then for the last step we flood Alaska. I like to think of it as curing the worlds problems one idiot at a time. Do you guys think that would work?


Old, Tired Kirk
But...if you flood all of Alaska, after placing the idiots in it...then you kill all the idiots at once!

Not...'one idiot at a time.' All at once!

Old, Tired Kirk
You were wrong! Incorrect! An...idiot...and therefore you must go to Alaska yourself!

Go to Alaska! Destroy the contamination!

Old, Tired Spock
Don't you ever get tired of that bit, Jim?

Old, Tired Kirk
No, not really.

The Big Fucking State of Alaska
Well, we don't want him.

Old, Tired Kirk
But it's a logical imperative, or something.

Spock, back me up here.

Old, Tired Spock
I frankly have stopped paying attention.

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