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ya wanker ya

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Lets Face It  
<Begin Transmission> all! The evils of The 4th Universe of FuckSallyria have captured my crew! Spread this message to those in you love or hate, this is beyond petty things! Let them know this threat is loose! The Cool Mo Squad/Ska Robot Army have banded to ally with the 2nd Universe Army of Pankriestnerium,with our deepest thoughts to our friends Cool Mo E, Z, and Cool Mo Fred, whom we lost in war..together, this is for Hope! We can..WILL WIN! Live, fight-all in for FREEDOM!!!!!
<End Transmission>

Bug-Eyed Earl  
Sometimes when I'm all alone in my apartment, I like to stare at a wall until eventually it fades away I can see all them ponies made of solid cheese living in the magical kingdom between the walls.

Bug-Eyed Earl  

Bug-Eyed Earl  
But lately they've been staring back awful hard, so I had to put up a big "Blind Mellon" poster to keep them from seeing my secret tax demand collection.

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