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The Topic: The Patriot

I'm watching The Patriot on HBO, and it's so much like Braveheart, it kinda makes me wanna puke. Then, I was watching Gladiator the other night, which is just a ripoff of Braveheart too (or maybe it was a ripoff of The Patriot, I don't know). And of course, Braveheart was just a ripoff of Spartacus, although Braveheart is way cooler. Either way, when are they going to stop making movies where some guy gets his family killed then goes try to overthrow the government?


Professor Farnsworth
Not until 2863, I'm afraid.

Professor Farnsworth
That's when some guy got his family killed and went to overthrow the major Hollywood studios.

I believe they later made a movie about it. Oh my, yes.

It was actually two guys. Leonard Nimoy's and my cryogenically frozen heads. We went at 'em in a hurricane of hair, and skin, and teeth. But then, they got us and Leonard Nimoy and I went "I am PoBoy." So they took us both, and when they were disemboweling me, I yelled "FREEEEDOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!"

Wait, so they disembowled your head?

How would that even work?

Professor Farnsworth
I didn't say it was a very good movie.

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