The Topic:
Conversatron dating service

The Question:
As appealing as that idea sounds, I don't think you have an equal selection of each gender, though I'm not quite sure. I would guess that it's mostly guys here. And would it just be you sadists matching up us askers, or would foxxtail land up dating a car or something?

Hot man on man action  
Who says we need equal number of each gender?

Britney Spears  
Besides, we can always hook the boys up with virtual girlfriends like myself.

You meatbags would probably love the chance to "virtually" "date" "Britney Spears".

What's the deal with the "airquotes"?

Eh, I must need some "circuitry" "repaired".

I'll say, Brittney can "repair my circuitry" any day.

Britney Spears  
Is that a promise or a threat, big boy?

Agent Smith  
You people are repugnant.

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