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The Topic: Koch

You have demostrated too much personality lately.

Settle down.


Crow T. Robot
Many people may not remember this, but Koch was supposed to be a not-so-subtle dig at the old Forum 2000, which had the habit of using the Vorlon (see Bablyon 5) Kosh to give cryptic answers, usually to yes or no questions. However, he was by no means limited to those two responses. As several other similiar sites took off on the concept, I'm afraid the original idea of Koch as a parody or satire was lost. And I for one say, no good! For I come here not to bury Koch but to celebrate him. I say, you're doin' fine.

Crow T. Robot
And now, if I may, I'd like to take time out for a personal message: Happy Birthday Kim! I hope you got my present!

Talk to you tonight!

Tom Servo
What color is the sky in your little fantasy world, Crow?

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