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The Topic: Dates

It seems like everyone who asks for a date here gets posted. I think people are resorting to the 'cheap date post' as a means of getting their sorry, non-funny asses posted. Next time someone asks for a date, give them one. Like July 14th, 1789. Or something. Preferablly funny. Unlike me.


Sam the Eagle
Bastille Day?

You couldn't have given a nice American date?
What's wrong with July 4, 1976? September 17, 1787? September 27, 1976?


So tell me Sam, what's worse: Bastille day or the fact that I don't know what happened on the latter two dates? (Though my guess for the 1787 one is when the constitution was rattified.) I blame the french for brainwashing me! Down with the frogs!

You know what's funny, is that Ben Franklin wanted our national bird to be the wild turkey. Sam the Wild Turkey. Yeah, that fits.

Alexander Hamilton
Ha, I could tell you a couple stories about Ben Franklin and his "Wild Turkey." Why, I remember this one time we got together for some diplomatic thing or the other, and I tell you, he was so plastered that when we...

Sam the Eagle

Alexander Hamilton
Yeah, I'll tell you about that later.

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