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The Topic: Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?

The A~Man
Why do I have the feeling that I will never experience love, passion, or sex? My fate feels like an impending doom, wherein I look back and cry because of my wasted life; look back at all the missed opportunities (all two of them), all the goddesses I've worshiped who've not been aware of my existance, etc...
Man, I hate my life.


Mr. T
What you talkin' 'bout, foo?

I can't stand that sorta jibba-jabba!

Mr. T
Now shape up! I heard enough from these fools on the Internet who talk like that! Now get it togetha, and make a change for the better. That's what T did and it's what you can do too.

The Evil Black Marble
If you need a pathetic loser, and if you can find just might be able to hire...the A~Man.

Mr. T
Shut it, foo, I'm bein' inspirational here.

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