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I just got a used motherboard. Using a working video card (pci or agp) working ram, and all the jumpers are set properly, but I get no video at all. I've tried every combination of drives, jumpers, and video cards I can think of, and still I get no video. Any suggestions?


Have you tried hooking it up to a monitor?

At the same time no less.

You may think it's a joke, but you don't know the kind of people I work with.

Well, actually, you do.

But anyway...are you even getting a beep? If there's no beep, I don't know.

Trust me I do! I once spoke to a gentleman who's network was down. It turns out he was running barbed wire from his hub out to the pc in the barn!

Ned "the Head" Ryerson

I get beeps and clicks galore, but they all come from whichever drive I am attempting to boot from. I don't get the error beep, if that's what you mean, like when you don't have a video card plugged in, or the video card is inoperable.

Dilbert should at least get some sound. Are you sure the processor is good? And do you get the 'no video card' error beep if there is in fact no video card?

Attorney Johnnie Cochran
If there is no beep, you must admit defeat.

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