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The Topic: Re: Obelisk vs Giant Skull

My dear Lord Gortog, might I suggest you go with the ever-popular hollowed-out volcano? Some might say such a fortress is trite or cliché, but I prefer to think of it more as a classic work of design, outlasting the waves of fads and pop culture.

As an added bonus, when your evil plans fail - an inevitable fact that all we evil supergeniuses must eventually face up to, damn those superheros! - you can always use the classic "escape in cryostasis pod and detonate base behind you" ploy to go out in style! Nothing says "hip" like chunks of molten lava!


Doctor Lucky
I think we can be agreed that the overall motif of the base isn't important so long as it has the right accessories.

Doctor Lucky
Is there a fax machine, moist bar, gift wrapping station, or a place where I can purchase lemonade? Without those little perks, I'm afraid I'm just not terribly impressed with a "Hall of Magnets" or "Atomic Robots."

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