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The Topic: Obelisk vs. Giant Skull

Which sort of a foreboding monument is recommended as the hideout of an evil mastermind by you Conversatron fellows?

A giant tower made entirely of iron,
or a really big hollowed out skull?

Currently I'm using the iron tower, but the skull has more symbolism. I like symbolism.

-Gortog, Lord of the Dead


Tom Servo
Well, the problem with the skull is finding something big enough to have a skull that you can convert into a hideout. Blue whale, maybe?

Crow T. Robot
Unless you just mean something that looks like a skull...but faux skull is sooooo 1960s.

Tom Servo
Too true, Crow...hey, wait, unless this guy is really little. Then he could just use a regular skull.

Crow T. Robot
But, Servo, he says "a really big hollowed out skull."

Tom Servo
Well, if he's little, any skull would be really big in comparison, right?

Crow T. Robot

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