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The Topic: I believe in Swordfish!

The Asker
Some people believe in astrology
Others believe in technology
Some people believe in all those -ologies
But I believe in swordfish
<chorus>HE BELIEVES IN SWORDFISH!</chorus>

It saddens me to see an uncaught reference on this site...
Check your local "Dead Milkmen" lyrics page for more details on the song being referenced.


Crow T. Robot
I'd like to point out at this time that just because we don't give the answer you want, doesn't mean that we don't "catch" the reference.

Tom Servo
When people send us some weird obscure reference to something, we might ignore it, we might acknowledge it, and we might just go off on some weird tangent, depending entirely on our mood. In fact, if someone obviously wants us to say a particular thing or bring out a particular response, we might not do it, just to spite them!

Heh, it's pretty much a crapshoot.

Crow T. Robot
I liken it to a softball game, a bunch of doughy middle-aged guys standing around, and these big, fat, lazy pitches come in over the plate, and sure, you could hit them for a home run, but sometimes you lay down the bunt, and sometimes you just whack it into the third baseman's head! And sometimes you fake the reverse lateral and run it up the middle! And sometimes you have to go into the penalty box, and play with an open net! Yes, it's no holds barred here at Conversatron! Game o' inches, going the extra mile!

Tom Servo
Er, yeah. So don't assume that we don't know what you're talking about. It's much more likely that we're just trying to be difficult.

Crow T. Robot
Of course, that said, we don't care about your stupid song.


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