The Topic:
Princess Eilonwy -- heritage

The Question:
Your Highness, I recently noticed that your name, "Eilionwy" is very similar to "Eelionway," which is Pig Latin for "WeeLion." Does this mean that you are a member of the Pig Latin royalty, and a Princess of ... err ... Pig Rome, I guess?

Electric Jesus  
It seems that you already know the answer, my son.

Electric Jesus  
So, why don't you tell us what you think the real answer is.

OK, fine, you made me use up five minutes of my very valuable ti... err, five minutes of my time to find the *real* origin of the name Eilonwy. It's from a series of children's fantasy literature, one book of which was adapted into the Disney movie "Black Cauldron." The name is pseudo-Welsh as detailed here:

Eilonwy herself is descended from an enchantress who was a princess of the Sea People of Llyr.

I also found a nice picture of Eilonwy in a swimsuit.
Which is not entirely relevant to this discussion, but interesting nonetheless.

Sifl & Olly  
Anyone else get the feeling something really weird just happened here?

What, someone used the Internet to research something completely trivial, and in the process, found a picture of a young woman in a swimsuit? No, that's not weird at all.

Sifl & Olly  
No, I mean that the ones doing the worthless searching weren't us!

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