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The Topic: New England Bedtime

Why does everybody in new england go to bed at 10pm? You can't even get pizza delivered after 10! Grocery stores close at 10pm! The street lights turn off at 11, because obviously you'd be asleep by then. The fucking Wal-Marts close at 10pm! Wal-Marts should be 24 hour stores! It's the god damned law! I hate this place! Nnggggg!


*Singer* of the Orz
*Nnnnngggg!* You are *squeezing* the *juice!* More and more *juice*.

Brodie Bruce
Yes, it must be tough for a swinger like yourself, not being able to hang out at Walmart until 3 in the morning.

Brodie Bruce
I bet it seriously cramps your style.

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