The Topic:
Hey Tyler..

The Question:
If you could fight any member of N'Sync who would it be?

Who Is Tyler Durden?  

There isn't a Fred in N'sync.

Who Is Tyler Durden?  
Names aren't important. They're all interchangeable anyway. N'sync, backstreet boys, they're just manifestations of the same desire to suck money away from pre-teen girls eager to drool over someone that society has told them is desirable. It's a part of the cycle; to craft desires for the things that have been crafted for you to desire. First it's N'sync, next it's a Calvin-Klein-heroin-chic model body, soon to be followed by 2.2 kids and a white picket fence and at the end of your life it's that ultra-absorbent pair of adult diapers because you look good in that particular shade of blue. You want, you need, you consume, you desire what they want you to desire like the string-led puppet you are.

But, Tyler, the fact remains that there is no Fred in N'sync.

Who Is Tyler Durden?  
Then I'd fight
, if only to destroy something beautiful.

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