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unutilized feature

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Lord Amazorn  
You may not have noticed, but the new site design has a great new feature: "rate, and next". Now instead of having to rate, reload, then hit the next button, you can rate after you've finished reading the thread and automatically move on to the next thread. This should ease the use of the voting system and we hope lead to a more robust metric of the humor of each thread.

Network Exec  
Note that we're not going to care what you find humorous or program around it.

VW Type II "Hippy Van" Bus  
What about the "underutilized system" that should make you suits funny, huh?

Hey, you out there! Don't fall for this "voting" scam, man! It's just a system to bring us other Askees down! Fight the system! We will overcome! Yea!

Heavy Machinegun Fire  
Okay, punk, you were warned!

Police Chief Clancy Wiggum  
That's some good work there, boys.

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