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Could you fit the cremated remains of a million dead kids in one trailer?

See, godofchuck, this is what we call an "excellent question".

Thomas Jefferson  
I think if they were all infant children and the trailer were what you call a "double-wide"... yes, there'd be room for exactly 1,000,049 cremated infants.

Wow. You don't really think that is a great question, do you? I'm just trying to win a bet. And I'm losing. Oh well.

Marvin the Paranoid Android  
I think you ought to know we're being sarcastic.

Oh, well, don't I feel foolish...

Dennis the Peasant  
Oh no, your little ruse fooled us completely. We had no idea that you were trying to prove a point. Please, please don't use your superior intellect to destroy us all.


Dennis the Peasant  
Seriously, tho, the problem is this. I believe that the number of questions that we answer is related to a simple function which relates to the percentage answered as such:


Such that y and z are functions of the interest of the questions as a whole, x is the number of questions asked that day by that asker, and q is a function of the questions asked by that asker in the past. As you can see, if the number of questions grows large, by definition as the number of questions asked reaches these large numbers, a lesser percentage will be answered, even if raw volume answered remains steady.

Dennis the Peasant  
Of course, I know that no one will believe anything I say, seeing how I'm just a brainless peasant.

Well, that percentage function doesn't really tell us much unless you define what y, z and q are as functions.

Dennis the Peasant  
Well, no, of course not. But needless to say they are on an order of magnitude of one, and relate to the mindsets of the askees as well as other variables too numerous to mention. I'm afraid you'll have to wait for my thesis paper. The point is that while female askees may have a higher "x" factor than males amoung the (more numerous and vocal) male askees, on the whole we try to answer questions from everyone before numerous questions from the same person. And of course, the increase in x for females is also a function of their rarity and the desire of some askees to touch on varying subject matter. Now, of course you're saying, Dennis, you're overanalyzing this, and perhaps I am. But by looking at these relationships a greater knowlege of the Conversatron dynamic, and indeed human dynamic, can be gleaned.

Dennis the Peasant  
Now, I'd love to continue this discussion, but I've spotted some lovely filth over there and must take leave.

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