The Topic:
A voice yet to be heard

The Question:
So far one very important askee has failed to comment on the new site design. Can you guess who this important askee is? Hint: Starts with a 'T'.

The Terminator  
This design deserves to be terminated.

Nope, I was thinking of a different 'T'.

Ted Johnson  
I like how this new design makes my nipples delightfully sensitive!

Stupid humans' stupid website.

Keep going, you'll get it. Here's another hint: he has only one method of expressing himself.

I hope that one way invovles violence.

It is somewhat violent, in that it could be considered an attack on the olfactory senses.

The Nerds in the Audience  
Fuck you, we bathe.

Actually, I'd file you guys under 'N'.

The Nerds in the Audience  
Yeah, well this is a UNIX box so you get whatever sort order you can take.

Ok, here's another hint in regexp form:

The Nerds in the Audience  
So... a 'T' followed by one or more 'r's?

Why don't you just give up. We decided not to add "Trrrrrrr".

Yes, a 'T' followed by <U>one</U> or more 'r's. The regexp would match this askee. Those nerds that thought otherwise must now leave the audience, for a true nerd would not fall for such a trick.

The Hand  
I find this discussion fascinating.
Please, continue.

Smash T.V.'s Host  


Smash T.V.'s Host  
I'm sorry, the correct answer was "The Terminator"!
Thanks for playing!

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