The Topic:
City Bus System

The Question:
Why do the drivers never stop at my bus stop? This is the fifth time this semester, and is really beginning to piss me off. Hell, one time the guy did stop for me...a quarter mile down the road. I demand they be punished!

Emergency Medical Hologram  
When you say "my bus stop" do you mean the bus stop that is nearest to your home, or "my bus stop, that I made out of cardboard and put up by the side of the road," because the latter could explain your troubles.

The one that is closest to my home...which is still about a mile away. I'd prefer to park downtown, but that's $40/wk, and I get free bus fare due to my local college id. But the service being free really doesn't mean much when the service just ignores your ass all together.

That's the principle we work off here.

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