The Topic: The Conversatron - My nude picture

ok, how about we strike a deal here? IF I post my nude picture for all to see, I have a few demands of my own.

First, I want an Askee of my very own to be my personal slave.

Second, I want to have a picture of my choosing instead of a lame quesion mark everytime I post a question.

Third, I want to be known as the Supreme Goddess of Conversatron.

Fourth, I want a share of all the membership money that you have ever received.

Fifth, I want a new bicycle.

Ok, I know some of these demands are a little unfair, especially considering that you haven't received ANY membership money, but I expect you to try your best to come up with what I want.


 Lord Amazorn
You lost us on demand #4.

Can I be your slave anyway?

 Lord Amazorn
Also, we have already received money for a membership, so put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Ok, I'll remove demand #4. You don't have to give me any money. And I want a better slave than Chickenboy there.

Lord Amazorn  
Ok, here's our offer:

You can pick anything to be your picture.
You may be known as the Supreme Goddess of the Conversatron
You may pick any of the following Askees to be your personal slave:

 Sony Aibo

 Disco Stu
I'm looking for a little "disco action".

 H/\x0r d00d
M3 m3! P1c|< m3!

 Dirty Old Man
Hello, little girl? Want some "candy"?

I saw her first!

 Kevin Bacon
Hey! What am I doing here? I don't want any part in this.

 Bitter Hearts
Don't pick us. We hate.

 Prof. Bobo
OOooh ooooh oohh!

 Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau
'Allo? This is Chief Inspector Clouseau.

 Dennis the Peasant
Oh, fine, put me on the list. I'm just a peasant anyway, nobody will care if I'm sold into slavery.

 Club, the Baby Seal
It's sooooo cold...

What the hell kind of choices are you giving me?!?

Oh well, guess I'll have to choose Kevin. You know, I always love playing that little game of his.

 Lord Amazorn
Done! Kevin Bacon is your personal slave, Supreme Goddess of the Conversatron.

HAL 9000  
Picture received.

Space Moose  
Wow, full frontal and everything.

 Joel Robinson
I don't know, guys. Did we do the right thing here? I feel dirty.

What about you, Kevin? What do you think about your new Master?

 Kevin Bacon
Well heck, I feel dirty too, but I always feel that way. At least I'm dirty in the presence of a great pair of breasts.

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