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God, I'm bored. Anyone have anything interesting to say right off the top of your head?
What was the funniest string you've ever seen/made here?


 Space Moose
Man, a lot of funny things have happend here. Let's sit around and remember all the funny stuff from past episodes! Remember that time when we were constantly making fun of Alaska?

Insert flashback

 Bitter Hearts
Or remember when we did that big valentine's day thing and everyone got bitter?

Insert flashback

Ahhh... I remember back when we were constantly having spelling problems...

Insert flashback

 Special Agent Fox Mulder
Hey Scully, remember all the fun we've had together?

Insert flashback

Or how about all the people that came over from the Forum to tell us we suck?

Insert flashback

 Tom Servo
Yes, we've been through some funny things in previous seasons.

 Tom Servo

 Tom Servo
There, we did your stupid mandatory 5th Season "flashback/best of" episode. Can we go now?

 Network Exec
Sure. Take 10.

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